Wprowadzenie bazy Navision w tryb demo

1. Open SQL Server.
2. Click on New Query form Top Left.
3. Copy below listed query and paste it in query window - (use your database name in brackets)

USE [Database Name]  
delete from [dbo].[User] 
delete from [dbo].[Access Control] 
delete from [dbo].[User Property] 
delete from [dbo].[Page Data Personalization] 
delete from [dbo].[User Default Style Sheet] 
delete from [dbo].[User Metadata] 
delete from [dbo].[User Personalization] 

4. Run/Execute the query.

5. Change the Navision service credential to start as Network Service.

6. Follow the resolution steps discussed in post.

7. Once done, start the service and Start the RTC Client.

8. Once opened please create your windows user in the client and then proceed with any other activity.